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Effective Calls to Action Get Results

Website Call to Actions That Get Leads Conversions

Effective Calls to Action Get Results

Call to action basically refers to a marketing term meaning any trigger or prompt used by marketers to get a prospective client/customer to take action and proceed to the next step towards converting into sales. Whether
it’s signing up for a newsletter, buying a product or filling a contact form, every business website should have this prompt, and it should be effective enough to encourage the users to act. It is from this action that you can focus your small business and measure your success in the internet world. But how do you create effective website call to action? Here are 5 techniques that will prove helpful in your efforts.

  1. Firstly, lay the groundwork
    You need to know that before a visitor is willing to act on your call to action, they really have to understand the need to do so. You have to clearly show the benefits of responding by first identifying the problem then presenting a solution that solves that particular problem.
  2. Offer something a little extra
    Sometimes you need to sugarcoat the deal if the user is to feel convinced to proceed with the call to action. This could include discounts, a  free gift or entry into a certain competition. The beauty of this is that you won’t only convince the user but also turn them into an advertising billboard. You might be surprised to see more traffic to your site just because of these incentives.
  3. Have a few distinct actions
    Being focused in the call to action cannot be stressed enough. If you have too many then the users may become overwhelmed, making them less likely to proceed. By limiting the number of available choices the users have to make, you will be reducing the amount of mental effort. This will, however, depend on your website and what you offer.
  4. Make use of active urgent language
    An effective website call to action clearly informs the users what you wish them to do. You should make use of active words like buy, call, register, subscribe or donate. All these go a long way in creating a need to act immediately or a sense for urgency. You can use alongside phrases like “offer expires in” “available for a very short time” and “order now and get a free gift”.
  5. Ensure you get the position correct
    Positioning the call to action cannot be overlooked too. Ideally, you should place it high on your page and around the central column. Also, don’t forget to have a space around. Studies have shown that the more the spacing, the more attention the call to action will likely draw.

Having an effective website call to action can be said to be the lynch pin of a successful website. Your business is dependent on your website and so you should strive to make it right in any way possible. When you consider these 5 techniques and follow them to the letter, you will be sure to generate real measurable returns on your investment. It’s time your small business takes its rightful share of the market and grows to the next level.