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Features of a netlaunch Website

We believe websites should be easy to use.

Netlaunch’s Content Management System requires no technical skills.

Why pay a web designer to add content when you can easily do it yourself?

Develop your own website with our easy-to-use site manager. Easily upload images, type out and insert your text, point and click to edit the site. The site manager includes a‚ “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) interface that makes it a breeze to add new pages, add fresh content, photos, videos, and more. If you can use Microsoft® Word, you can manage your site with netlaunch.

Plus access and update your website remotely with our mobile app!

Just because it’s easy to manage doesn’t mean it has to look horrible…

Eye catching beautiful designs ready to launch.

Wordpress Themes

Currently over 50 design structures and more being added all the time.

Today a website absolutely must look good. The internet is the great leveller. Your small business can compete even with large multinationals, but it absolutely must be well designed and built. Choose from over 50 web foundations, from which we customise the look and feel to suit your business.

Look professional with your own domain name.

Get your own branded home on the internet.

Domain Name

A domain name will mark you as a serious business online.

Bring your own domain name to us and we can handle the transfer and connection to your new netlaunch website, or we can register your domain name for you.

Either way with netlaunch’s rocket fast hosting, your website will always be online, and your emails too will be professionally branded with your @yourbusiness.com.au domain and you can also check them easily online anywhere in the world with our special online based email reader system.

Start Selling Online and Accepting Payments Easily.

Ride the eCommerce Wave with our proven netlaunch stores.

Sell Online

Upload Photos, Video and other Rich Multimedia easily with a netlaunch site.

Yes, online selling is all the rage at the moment. However for every successful online merchant there are literally thousands of failures, stores that get little traffic and even fewer sales.

Get a great online jumpstart with netlaunch’s eCommerce system. We can set you up immediately with an online payments system or you can bring your own. Either way it’s a no fuss way to boost sales and gain greater awareness of your wares.

Rich Multimedia Boosts Traffic Online

Photos & Video bring your site to life, and also help grow traffic.

Vimeo Embed

Upload Photos, Video and other Rich Multimedia easily with a netlaunch site.

Develop your site with our easy-to-use Site Builder. Upload images. Type your text. Point and click to edit. The Site Builder’s “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) interface makes it a breeze to add new pages, fresh content, photos, videos, and more. If you can use Microsoft® Word, you can build a site with netlaunch.

Your site can be automatically “mobilized” in less than a minute with the Mobile Website App to give people visiting your site from a smartphone a mobile-friendly experience.

Be Seen Online!

Our websites help you to easily optimise your site to rank well online.

Vimeo Embed

It’s not enough to have a great looking site, it also needs to be found online.

Add site tags and keywords that describe your website to improve your website’s visibility. Tags help people searching the internet (for the products and services you offer) find your site. Our sites are seo optimised and developed in such a manner that assist search engines in analysing and ranking your site.

All our code in a site launched for you is 100% compliant with accepted industry standards and validated.

Engage with your Customers & Fans

Blogs & Forums help build a buzz & culture around you.

Blogs and Forums

There are many reasons to connect with your target audience.

Market research has clearly proven that customers feel more connected to a brand when they like the person behind it. To assist with this blogs and forums are a great way to share and convey your own personality. Businesses really benefit from forum conversations, too, which provide valuable insight into customers thoughts and experiences. Perhaps this might be a great way for your to provide a easy knowledge base on your products or help with support.

Whether your sites visitors are customers, members of your local touch footy group, or even your mum & dad, they’ll enjoy the interactivity of a blog or forum where they can post their thoughts, read what others have to say, and join online conversations.

A blog is also a great way to generate fresh content, which helps your site rank highly in search engine results.

Forge Social Media Connections

Leveraging Social Media Networks to boost your profile

Social Media

Integrate Social Media and watch your popularity soar.

Site visitors can like your site, create profiles, and contribute to your community by posting comments, photos, videos, and more.

Keep members coming back for more by adding them to your own mailing list so you can effortlessly send them updates about new products, sales, and activities. We do the list management so you dont have to.

Facebook Connect allows you to harness the power of the worlds most popular social network to enhance your sites interactivity and bolster your site traffic. With a few clicks, you can add a Login with Facebook‚¬ button to your site so members can share the interesting things they see on your site on Facebook. You can also allow vistors the ability to share your site and it’s links with their fans, further extending your reach.

Gain Access to Detailed Reporting on Your Site

Get clear information on what content interests your visitors most

Analytics Reporting

Detailed but easy to understand analysis helps you to keep honing your site and gaining the advantage on your competition.

Using Google‚® Analytics and Webmaster Tools to see at a glance how many visitors youve had, which links they clicked, which pages got the most hits, what they searched for, and how much time they spent on your site.

Information about where your traffic is coming from‚¬€your traffic sources‚¬€helps you focus your marketing efforts on the best channels. Knowing what interests visitors will help you improve your site and your business.


Help and Support at Hand

Comprehensive Knowledge Base and On Call Support

Help Desk Support & Knowledge Base

We want you succeed in running your website.

To assist you you’ll have access to our support portal. The Support Portal also includes video tutorials with step by step instructions, and a FAQ/Knowledgebase packed with great articles full of tips and tricks.

If you’re really stuck we can also assist with email based or phone support.